The Mission

At VideoKen, we believe in unleashing the full potential of videos, radically changing the way we discover, interact and consume videos.

While videos are a popular form of content, they are very opaque by nature. Low consumption / engagement levels, lack of powerful video discovery tools, poor SEO on videos and many other challenges dog this powerful form of content. At VideoKen, we aim to deliver the most out of any video, and are harnessing powerful AI technology to make them discoverable, highly rich and extremely consumable.

We Are Putting Together A World-Class Team Of Researchers And Engineers.

Join us in this wonderful journey of learning at VideoKen. Write to us at
with your detailed resume and areas of interest.


Would describe myself as a Software amateur - both in terms of attitude and - sadly - skills - with rich and varied experiences - not all of them painful. Outside of my day job - am what you would describe as a nostalgia junkie - fond of lighthouses, long train rides and a good yarn - written or spoken.

Request for Demo

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