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Table of Contents

Videos are inherently opaque. With VideoKen’s ‘Table of Contents’, your viewers can traverse through a video like they would do with a book, all with the power of AI.

Phrase Cloud

Our technology auto-generates a ‘Phrase Cloud’ of the key phrases used in your video. You can feed these phrases back into your meta data to improve your SEO.


Enhance the ROI on your videos with VideoKen's dashboard that provides deep actionable data insights.

In-video Search

Your viewers can search and find contextual terms they are looking for, and their occurrences throughout the video.


Atomizer by VideoKen is a brand new video customization tool that will allow you to insert questions, share a link, and call out for emails within the video.


Seamlessly integrate with popular marketing automation, email, and CRM tools such as HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and more. Make your buyer personas data-backed.

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