“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”
-Albert Einstein

Expand your learning horizon through video & collaborative tools

VideoKen: A powerful video based social learning platform.

Built on a foundation of cutting edge research that has been presented at top international conferences and covered by multiple pending US patents.

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Build your knowledge universe with our enhanced search

There is an abundance of video based learning content available online but it is hard to identify what is more appropriate for a learner's personal need. VideoKen provides a mechanism to easily identify the most relevant online multimedia learning content. You can also weave it seamlessly with local content for effective consumption.

Browse videos like a digital textbook

Imagine if you could browse through a video just like a textbook: look through the table-of-contents to understand the flow of the textbook, glance through the index pages to identify key concepts and their locations in the textbook, quickly flip through pages and stop at locations that are most relevant for your immediate needs, keep bookmarks & take notes in the textbook for later consumption. VideoKen provides all of these and more capabilities that make video content consumption easy and effective.

Video clipping, curation & sharing

Clip interesting section of the videos, combine them together to create your ‘Kenlists’, use them as your private notes or share them with your friends and community of common interest. Navigate through Kenlists using a Table of Contents and Phrase Cloud just like you would do with a single video.

Gamified Social Learning

Even learning can be made addictive. VideoKen enhances learners' engagement through leaderboards and rule-based or peer-to-peer badges. Instructors can create a healthy, competitive environment through quizzes, tasks and assignments. The discussion forum and 'likes' from other learners and instructors encourage learners to be active in the class and contribute by posting questions, sharing notes, answering public questions, and finding/sharing other related video clips from the web.

Analytics for efficient intervention

Identifying areas where a learner is performing below par and providing timely intervention is a hard task for an instructor. With VideoKen analytics, the instructor can understand a learner's performance and engagement across various dimensions quickly and devise appropriate intervention strategies.

Help us understand you better!

Are you an Enterprise

Transform into a learning organization. Go beyond traditional classrooms to adopt video based learning. Support self-learning and peer-to-peer learning among your employees.

Or an Educational Institution?

Go beyond traditional lecturing to make classrooms more engaging with discussions and problem-solving. Support students in their learning journey using videos and greater interactions.


Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Associate Professor, Computer Science, IIT Bombay

Tutorspace (now VideoKen) has served as an excellent service for my course on Machine Learning, catering to over 250 students! While I could have used IIT Edx or similar platforms for this course, I found that it makes little sense for me to record all my lectures and have students listen only to them, when there plenty of lectures already available on youtube that could help students venture way beyond what is taught in the class.
Prasata Kumar Ghosh
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IISc

TutorSpace (now VideoKen) has several very innovative and effective features amenable for class-room learning. I really liked the audio/video materials that could be tagged and used as relevant material complementary to the ones I cover in the class. It often gives the necessary information handy and provides a great learning experience for the students.
T. Venkatesh
Associate Professor Department of Computer Science & Engineering IIT Guwahati

I used TutorSpace (now VideoKen) for courses with over a 100 students, where I conducted the course in flipped mode. I selected video clips, documents, and web links for various topics and organized them into lectures. The students used to go through the lecture material before they came to the class. I was particularly amazed at the way I could search clips based on keywords. The students liked the word cloud representation of lectures which helped them to navigate through large videos easily.
Dr. S Sethu Selvi
Professor and HOD, Department of E & C, M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Being in an engineering college, TutorSpace (now VideoKen) serves the students by providing virtual next generation text books with a phlentora of instructional videos. By this, we prove that we are quite updated with the latest technology in education. This also aided in enhancing personalized experience to students based on the students' background and learning pattern. I have personally used it and felt that indexing and searching video content based on keywords was the highlight of this platform.

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