AI Player

by VideoKen

Give your Videos the AI touch

Transform the way your customers view your videos. The VideoKen AI Player is a video intelligence layer that helps your users view more of each of your videos, increases their video engagement by 2-4X, makes your videos easy to navigate & more.

An index your viewers will love

The VideoKen AI Player segments your videos into topics, and lets your users navigate to a specific topic of their interest in every video. This makes for an enhanced user experience for your viewers, and higher engagement for you. Your video is now like a digital textbook, and is easier to consume and share.

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All key phrases, all in one place

Every video has key phrases that define its content and context. Our AI Player parses through your entire video, and with high-tech computer vision and deep learning techniques, indexes these into a word cloud. Users can then click on each phrase and track its occurrence throughout the video. Navigating a video was never easier!

Lead generation, built-in to your video playback

Lead generation, built-in to your video playback

What if your videos themselves could generate leads? With the Atomizer feature, you can include custom CTAs in all your videos. You can gate your video content or insert prompts and callouts while the video is playing! Let your videos do the work for you.

Video search and discovery, made easy

Having lot of videos is great, but searching for the right one from that pile is not. VideoKen uses AI powered metadata that enables enterprises to have their own mini video search engine that parses and lists videos with the highest relevancy.

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Actionable insights that make a difference

Look beyond the base metrics of view count and impressions, they do not give you the full picture. With the VideoKen AI Player, you can get insights on how many people watched your complete video, which parts of the video they viewed the most, what are the topics of interest inside a video for each viewer, where did the viewer drop- off etc. VideoKen distils this and more such information into a dashboard and gives you a deeper insight into your viewers' behavior

Increased traffic to your site with automatic video SEO

When the VideoKen AI Player indexes your videos, it automatically generates a transcript of the video using advanced speech-to-text technology. The auto-generated transcript is embedded into every video, by default. Every time you embed videos indexed by our VideoKen AI Player on your site, you are driving additional traffic to and have improved search engine rankings. Automatic SEO for all your videos!

Take a sneak peek within videos

Looking inside a video has never been easier. With VideoKen AI Player's in-video search, users can look for sentences and words in a video with a simple text search. Your videos are no longer opaque, and you get more out of your videos than ever before

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