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Empower employee learning with AI

With LearnEd by VideoKen, internal training programs will create the impact you wished for. Get more of your employees to watch more of your learning content, get them to finish their trainings on time, and fast track your employee training, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methodologies.

Create custom courses suited for your employee needs

The needs of your employees and your organization is unique to you. You can curate and create courses that are highly targeted, free to create, and provide focused learning. All your course videos will be powered by the VideoKen AI Player - a video intelligence engine that automatically enables a Table of Contents, Phrase Cloud, and Transcript Search for every video

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Continuous, self-initiated, and peer-to-peer learning

With KenList, every instructor and learner can clip, curate, and share whole or parts of a video and create custom playlists with different clipped videos. With their own KenLists, all your learners can create bite sized learning material that they can collaborate on and share with fellow learners.

Gamified learning experience with a leaderboard tracker

Lead generation, built-in to your video playback

The LearnEd Leaderboard tracks the learning progress of each employee and incentivizes them for every learning step they complete. Engaged learners will learn better, and complete the course quicker. Self-trained and upskilled employees at your fingertips!

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Deep data analytics of employee learning performance

You will be able to track key performance indicators of every employee's learning progress. Your dashboard will relay information on the number of videos of a particular course that the employee has watched, the video and course completion rates, quizzes they've taken and how they've performed in each of them, track their assignment submissions and performance among other things. Every piece of information of their learning, in a beautifully visualized dashboard.

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