Enterprise Machine Learning Training

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VideoKen is the preferred partner for Machine Learning training for enterprise teams. The VideoKen Machine Learning Corporate Training is powered by our proprietary video indexing and viewing technology that improves learner engagement by 2-4X, and provides teams a unique learner experience that promotes peer-to-peer learning.


Each Machine Learning course is highly modular with each module containing

Self-paced Videos

Self-paced Videos

  • Up to 4 hours of self paced videos every week
  • Inline questions within videos to aid learning
  • Expert curated videos with Inline Questions


  • 6 hours of weekly concept-based programming assignments
  • Detailed feedback on submissions provided on email

Live labs

  • Feedback on assignments and general discussions
  • Conducted by Teaching Assistants
  • One session per 1-3 modules

Graded Quizzes


Blended Training


Modular courses delivered over 8-10 weeks

Machine Learning/Data Science and Applications

Learn basic concepts of statistical analysis and machine learning with emphasis on:

  • Deriving business insights from data: data preprocessing and exploration
  • Exploratory and predictive modeling
  • Analyze case studies in several industry verticals through hands-on programming assignments
Modules Covered
Data analysis with python
  • Hands-on tutorial on python libraries: Pandas and Matplotlib
Basic Machine Learning
  • Basics of Statistical Learning
  • 6 Extensive topics covered
Deep Learning - Intro course
  • Short Overview of Neural Networks and Deep Architectures
  • Detailed Hands-on tutorials on Tensorflow

Deep Learning: Applications in Vision, Speech and Text Analytics

Learn basic concepts of statistical analysis and machine learning with emphasis on:

  • Understand Neural Networks and Deep Learning in depth
  • Learn to apply Deep Learning in Vision, Speech and Text Analytics
  • Learn to use Deep Learning packages: Tensorflow and Keras

Advanced Machine Learning

  • Understand advanced state-of-the-art techniques in machine learning
  • Topics include time-series models, approximate inference techniques, non-parametric Bayesian methods, graphical models, optimization and others

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