Auto-chapter & enhance your Zoom Webinar & Learning videos

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  •  Are your Zoom webinar & learning video recordings too painful to sift through?
  •  Ever wanted to review specific segments of a Zoom webinar or training recording?
  •  Need to share specific parts of a Zoom recording with your customers, colleagues, or learners?

Worry not, we’ve got your back!

Make your Zoom recordings actually watchable

VideoKen uses AI to segment your Zoom recordings into topics and enables you to navigate to specific points of interest in every video. VideoKen also auto-generates a phrase cloud (populated with key phrases/concepts from the recording) and a full transcript of the recorded session.

Key benefits of VideoKen for Zoom

  • Navigate through your Zoom recording with a powerful auto-generated Topic List and Phrase Cloud.
  • Share specific topics from a Zoom webinar or learning video with your colleagues, customers and learners
  • Search through the transcript and find key terms used during the Zoom session
  • Make your Zoom webinar & learning videos more accessible.
  • Add call-to-actions within your webinar recordings to drive up engagement with viewers.

Experience the power of VideoKen
on your Zoom recordings

Trusted by the world’s best organizations

“ The unique feature of Table-of-contents and Phrase Cloud has made use of videos very simple and relevant. Our association now look forward to learning opportunities with Videos ”

“ Our conference videos weren’t useful for quite a while after we recorded them. VideoKen got our videos to market faster by making them discoverable ”

“ It’s not just the money savings, but VideoKen also saves us a chunk of time that allows us to fit in more into our learning programs ”

Get Started for Free

Free trial is limited to 5 videos or 3 hours of recording. Get started today and see how we transform your Zoom meetings & webinars to an easily navigable and searchable playbook.

VideoKen for Zoom Pricing FAQ

What happens after free trial?

VideoKen’s auto-chaptering Zoom plug-in is FREE upto 5 videos or 3 hours of recording. After this you can choose to subscribe to the VideoKen Starter Pack. For subscription related queries, write us at

How much do I pay for VideoKen Starter Pack and what do I get?

VideoKen starter pack will be available at $4800/yr $2400/yr for 50 hours of recorded videos until Dec 31, 2020. (the strikethrough shows the original price and the 50% discount)

Do videos processed during free period be included in Starter Pack?

No, videos processed during free period will not be included in Starter Pack. They will continue to be available to you for FREE.

What if I need to use VideoKen on more than 50 hrs of Zoom recordings per year?

Write us at and we’d be happy to customize a pricing for you.

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